Thursday, December 27, 2012

More 20th Dynasty DNA

Here is what came out when I put the DNA of Ramesses III and his son into a popaffiliator program.  It requires 9 loci and I had only 8 to work with.  Therefore in the case of Ramesses III, I added D3S1358, putting in the highest number for the modern Egyptian population, 15, for the father and the arbitrary high Greek one of 16 for the mother.  I did this because, at D7S820, the mother of Ramesses III has 15, which is not even on the chart for modern Egyptians.  Here is the result:

You'll have to click on the image to read it.  Next comes "Unknown Man E".  For his 9th locus, I added a different one, D851179.  For his father, I put the highest number at that marker in the Egyptian population, which is 14.  For the mother, I put in an only slightly lower one of 12.  I added nothing foreign, that I know of, to the DNA of "Unknown Man E", yet his "Eurasian" quotient rises from that of Ramesses III.  Caveat, I do not know how accurate this popaffiliator is.

It can be found here, if anyone wants to enter his own DNA to test it out.


raphael petit said...
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raphael petit said...

To further check the validity of popAffiliator (I also used version 2 as it is a bit more accurate) ( using the same 9 STRs, I ran the STRs of a few samples from DNATribes website (

As we can see below, ALL of them were assigned to their correct Continental groups (Sub-Saharan Africa, Eurasia, Asia).

Just note these are NOT admixture proportions but just probabilities. So it seems that even 8 markers are enough to assign the correct continental groups with Sub-Saharan individuals always getting a Sub-Saharan probability > 90%.

9 STRS used(CSF1PO,D2S1338, D7S820, D3S1358,D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D21S11, FGA)

Ramses III:

Sub-Saharan Africa 96.2%
Eurasia 2%
Asia 1.8%

(D3S1358 was defaulted as you mentionned but using any value for D3S1358, Ramses III always gets a probablity > 90% for sub-Saharan Africa.)

1) Sub-saharan individuals

African America:
Sub-Saharan Africa 99.2%
Eurasia 0.6%
Asia 0.3%

Sub-Saharan Africa 93%
Eurasia 4.3%
Asia 2.7%

2) Eurasian individuals

South Italian:
Eurasia 59.2%
Asia 28.8%
Sub-Saharan Africa 12%

Eurasia 47.4%
Sub-Saharan Africa 37%
Asia 15.6%

Saudi Arabian:
Eurasia 45.6%
Sub-Saharan Africa 42.7%
Asia 11.6%

Eurasia 63.4%
Sub-Saharan Africa 31%
Asia 5.6%

Eurasia 62.6%
Sub-Saharan Africa 19.6%
Asia 17.8%

3) Asian individuals

Asia 77%
Eurasia 18.6%
Sub-Saharan Africa 4.4%

Marianne Luban said...

Thank for your input, Raphael.