Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Unexplained

In June, while doing some research, I took some photos of a church that is going on 200 years old with a disposable camera.  I am not much for taking pictures so don't have a better camera any longer.  This is the view, above.  This is the largest the photo will show up on this blog, but the images are clickable for a better look.   Here is an enlargement of something odd I saw by the left railing of the double doors:

Is it a ghostly figure hovering above the top step?   Who knows?  There was no one there when I snapped the shot.


Kate Phizackerley said...

I have had trouble leaving a comment - this is my fourth try. Blogger doesn't seem to like Firefox.

We had something similar happen many years ago on a photo taken inside a church which showed something shining, silver-white, symmetrical and with wings.

I tend to feel that eyes and brain refuse to acknowledge things which should not be there but that cameras are not deceived.

Marianne Luban said...

Sorry you're having trouble and am glad you were able to finally leave a comment. I agree with you about the camera. My late husband took a photo of a unique fireplace with a Polaroid in a purportedly haunted house in London. He only wanted to capture the fireplace but when the picture developed the group he was with was astonished to see a large white mass in the middle of the photo. My daughter and I have seen a famous ghost in one of our local cemeteries with our own eyes more than once. She rather looks like the photo on the steps of the church, half there and half not. But you can tell without question it is a young woman. Before I saw this apparition I was skeptical about ghosts--but you cannot deny what is right before your eyes. It was wonderful and not frightening at all. On the other hand my daughter, who is a bit of a ghost hunter, has captured several images in that same cemetery of things she did not, herself, notice.